SHE… believed she could

She Believed She Could So She Did. There are many times you may be the only one that believes in you but I honestly do believe that if you CAN imagine yourself doing something then you probably can do it and will….eventually. It may take a lot of hard work and practice but succeeding with […]

Cruise Season 2021/2022 Changes

With what the current Covid situation is currently it is no surprise that the cruise season as it currently stood has been cancelled and new itineraries have been brought out. The Good New – it appears Royal Caribbean are planning on brining a ship down to Australia. (Waiting on Australian government approval for this)The Bad […]

Art Journalling Cruise

If you are into Art Journalling, Mixed media, painting or just plain love getting creative – you are going to love the next few cruises I am going to be focusing on this week. We are going to be spoilt for choices in regards to mixed media options. All very different from each other, as […]