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Your Life. Your Story. Your Way

There is no one like you.
There will never be another one like you.
So why not create the story you want told.
Celebrate WHO YOU ARE !
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Who are YOU? What do you believe and why? Who has shaped your life?

What does it mean to be YOU?

Like many of us, I don’t have it all together and at times although as crazy busy as I am, still have felt alone, and wondering who I am and what purpose am I here for. Regardless of what many people think – I don’t have it all together. Along with my gorgeous girls and supporting hubby, over many years, I have come to appreciate myself for what I am – Imperfectly Perfect!

..and whether you believe it or not – you are too but you have your own story to tell. From your own unique personality,
gifts, talents, beliefs, your attitude towards life – these all together make up one very special person –
We are often behind the camera trying hard to capture and preserve all those memories of everyone else and often forget about ourselves.
There has never been a better time than NOW to think about how and what you would like other members of your family or future generationsremember about YOU.

There is no one like you.There will never be another on like you.
So let’s tell the story you want told.Celebrate WHO YOU ARE !

I’m hoping you will join us over the next few months or however long this takes – but his can be a starting point for you to tell your story.
Whether you do this by yourself, with friends or together in a small group working on each page prompt, in the end it will be the beginning of a STORY about YOU. This isn’t a new idea – its been around for ages.

So I invite you to join me. Whether you scrapbook traditionally, journal or project life style, I hope some of the prompts in the upcoming weeks will inspire you to appreciate and scrapbook yourself.

What’s Involved, Where Do I Start and What Do I Do?
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