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All Aboard – New Schedules are Here

Drum roll please… Finally after a huge weekend of updating the website – we are opening up the registrations now to everyone for the new crafting cruise schedules. Those who had subscribed in advance were given a sneak peak during the week, with the new emails arriving via email (if you think you should have […]

Cruise Port – Mystery Island

What to Do and See – Mystery Island (Vanuatu) Mystery Island is a tiny, uninhabited island  – a secret little gem at the far southern end of the Vanuatu group of island. Mystery Island (or ‘Inyeug’) is one of the more unusual South Pacific cruise destinations. Once a landing strip used by the allied forces […]

Cruise Port – Isle of Pines.

What to Do and See – Isle of Pines Isles of Pines does not have a port. Instead,  cruise ships anchor just offshore in Kuto Bay from where passengers are tendered to the pier on small boats. The bay is located on the southwest side of the island and often referred to as the “Jewel of the […]