Fijian Charter Cruise

Imagine having a ship all to ourselves – filled with just a bunch of like minded friends cruising around some of the most remote islands of Fiji. Places where the big ships CANNOT get to. With a super awesome friendly crew – majority of them local Fijians.

I have been given the opportunity to do just that in September 2022 (hopefully by then the Covid situation will have settled down). The ship is the Reef Endeavour and it only has 65 cabins.

But what Im excited about is that I have been offered some of the cabins at nearly 50% off the normal rates… Insane pricing.The only issue I have had is that a certain number of deposits are urgently needed – so I can assure them I will have the numbers and to secure the vessel.

For anyone wishing to pay a deposit now – it would be awesome as it show me your interest is huge, please be assured – if we don’t get enough people booked for this, we will make final decision by 31st March, any deposit paid is 100% refundable back to you. So what im putting to you is, if you are remotely interested in this cruise – you need to get a form filled in that is on the attached brochure and deposit paid as soon as possible, as we have to make decision shortly.

I fully understand its a long way away however I have come to see that some opportunities come by only once and the prices I was offered were too good to knock back – see for yourself on the form. To top that off – if you are a single person – the single supplement is only a 25% surcharge. Crazy hey!!! Awesome I say..

This cruise has nothing at all to do with Royal Caribbean Cruise line or the other normal crafting cruises, all I know is that we would be totally spoilt onboard being the only ones. 100 people max. Imagine that and being in a different tropical location every morning and afternoon with a fully customised itinerary that I personally will be putting together with one of the locals to incorporate the best of the best Fiji has to offer.

We have the opportunity to incorporate visits to a local church, a school where we can take supplies, and local villages and ceremonies – as well as being able to snorkel and swim in some of the best aquamarine lagoons, caves and reefs.

I have put together together a brochure that can be downloaded and more information is available HERE.

And please, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email ( just due to the time sensitive nature of this offer. You have nothing to loose by paying a deposit now but the possibility of a holiday to remember.

Expressions of Interest are Filling Fast. If you would like to be part of this awesome opportunity – you will need to act fast and contact me as soon as possible. We tried this a couple of years ago with a private River Cruise – it was only after I cancelled the booking that many then said they would have loved to do this… With most charter situations – we need to take a risk and pay a big deposit up front – therefore if you are interested PLEASE don’t leave it until its too late. I need to make the final decision based on people who are also willing to pay a deposit (100% refundable*) very soon, as this shows us if you are really interested or something just on your bucket list (which we all have – this one is definitely on mine).. we base our final decision on that, unfortunately not just on those who are interested.

Thanks for taking the time to look and think this over.. And hopefully we will be able to go ahead with this and see you onboard in Fiji in 2022.

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