The Cruise Season It Was..

I thank God everyday for this awesome opportunity and giving me a job that brings together everything that I love to do.

When I look back over my past few(ok many) years its like everything is slowly falling into place. I’ve always said that God’s plans are bigger than my wildest dreams and I feel like I’m living that a little right now… I can now see how the experiences of all my past jobs, courses, places I’ve visited, successes and failures (yes there has been plenty) are now melding together and I’m finally starting to see a plan that he has for me…

“For such as time as this”

– maybe.. who knows what the future holds…
YES I’ve had to step out and try new things and YES stuff up a few but Im living proof that you can try something new, no matter what age you are.

This cruise season especially, I have loved watching so many of you do something for the first time, whether its just being on the cruise itself, seeing a turtle, almost “kissing a turtle” getting in the water, snorkelling, just trying out new scrapbooking (or quilting) techniques, coming alone (huge in itself) – putting yourself out there to make new friends, just being out of your comfort zone – I’m, so very proud of you all..

There are so many reasons and excuses we give for not doing things. We can at times feel inadequate, unworthy, or incapable of making a difference or doing something different but if I can leave you with nothing else (regardless of what you believe) I honestly believe, that God does have a plan for us all to do something really special with our lives. We just got to find out what it is… please don’t ever think its too late or you are too old to try something new. Where you are right now is no accident – you never know when these experiences will be called on.

Thank you THANK YOU thank you, for coming along and being a part of this season’s cruise. Each of you have made this cruise as special as it was.
I cannot go without saying a few special thank you’s though

To all the NZer’s who crossed the ditch to join us. So appreciate you all for making that trip and I look forward to catching up with some of you at Senz.

To everyone who participated in the ATC tag swaps, Im looking forward to grabbing a cuppa and going through them all. The fun and games i know you all had making so many of them for some of these cruises. For those only on a cruise of 25, you don’t realise how lucky you were. I look back at them all now – pages and pages of them and I wish you all had a photo attached so i can remember everyone…

But mostly just a big thank you to YOU ALL who came, joined in, had fun and just these cruises times to remember.

THANK YOU ALL again and I truly do look forward to meeting up with you again sometime – onboard in the future …

If you want a little glimpse of the classroom capers from this season you can head over to our facebook page and look at some pics. HERE.

For those of you who would like to see what we have coming up. Click on the ships wheel in the top right of the page and this will take you to our upcoming cruises.

2 thoughts on “The Cruise Season It Was..

  1. Alison Bevis says:

    I’m proud of YOU – I know you work long hours to make sure everything is perfect for all of us… and it shows by how many ladies keep booking back in for another cruise!! Just ride the wave xx

  2. Annette says:

    Over the years you have been a blessing to many for your encouragement, compassion, love of the industry, your classes, your friendship & so much more .. thankyou ❤️🦋

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