Scrapbook Cruise – The Ultimate Retreat

The Ultimate Retreat

Sometimes you just need TIMEOUT and to get away. Retreats have always been that source of inspiration – the perfect place to have fun, create new friendships and to share your love of craft.

So why not take that break one step further and join me onboard a cruise for the Ultimate Retreat.  Not only is a cruise on many people’s bucket list, you get to sample some of those stunning destinations you have only been dreaming about.

If you are brave enough to say Bon Voyage, get your hands dirty, try new techniques, experience and have new adventures, have heaps of fun and like myself, make many lifelong new friends – then this is for YOU!   

I invite you to check out all the fun facts below, (hopefully answer some of the questions you may have) and seriously think about coming along on a fun adventure where myself and/or other instructors can share some of their creative knowledge with you through our classes AND at the same time, explore this wonderful world we live in…

Fun Fact 1.  Its just a NORMAL cruise.

IT IS A NORMAL cruise with a little more – The main difference is that we offer scrapbooking or cardmaking classes on the cruising days at sea – to ONLY those booked in our PRIVATE group.  These classes are not available to other passengers onboard who may randomly walk by and wish they could join in.

  • YES you can bring other members of your family or friends along with you.
  • NO they don’t all have to scrapbook either.  There are many onboard activities held on the ship, so whilst you are busy in classes they can participate in as much as they like or just find a nice spot onboard and relax with a book or do nothing at all.
  • PORT days are free from classes so you are able to enjoy and explore the port of calls with your family and friends and make as many memories and you can fit into one day.
  • The reason you have to book so far in advance is so we can purchase all the product that you will receive for the classes.  YES you will be spoilt.

FAQ: Can I book through my own travel agent?
Cruise portion MUST be booked through Geelong Travel to participate in classes. We have worked hard on getting group deals and price as low as it is?  IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS.  This in itself is a bonus as we don’t have to worry about the exchange rates. Though onboard purchases are in USD – so you need to be aware of that.
Deposit and final payment dates will be given to you by the travel agent and you can raise any queries in regards with this with them.  They have had over 20 years experience and I guarantee they will look after you.

FAQ: What are the Cabin prices?
The prices are per person based on a twin share.  There will be a surcharge if you want the room by yourself. Base prices differ for each cruise so you need to get quotes direct from Geelong Travel.  For more people in cabin you can discuss this with travel agent to get best possible rates.  The prices quoted on this website are subject to cabin availability at that price.  Once they are sold out the prices offered will be based on the current rate available. – Rates/costings can be withdrawn/changed at any stage from RCC.  Final rate charged is what will be documented on your booking.  Once deposit paid you have agreed on the price you have been given.

Fun Fact 2.  Scrapbooking 24/7 

One of the biggest differences to other crafting cruises you may have been on is that we have PRIVATE use of the conference centre.  We don’t use any of the public locations like libraries or dining rooms

  • REALLY!!!.  The conference room is booked for our PRIVATE USE for the whole duration of the cruise.
  • Come and Go outside of class times as much as you like.  (ok we even let you leave the class for Bingo if you must)
  • If you want to go to a show and then come back and craft afterwards – then the room is open to you.
  • Only rule last one in – turns out the lights..

FAQ: How many classes are there?
Depends on the number of sea days and how the host of the cruise runs it but usually between 3 – 6.  But you will have plenty of leftover bits and pieces from the classes to continue with during your spare time.

Classes are held usually in the morning giving you free time to enjoy the other activities onboard the ship or to either stay behind and finish off or come back at your leisure some other time during the day.  Again depending on the cruise and host this may differ from cruise to cruise.  Masterclass cruises will have classes in the morning and afternoon on offer.

Fun Fact 3.  Full Class Instructions 

We totally understand that there are so many other activities happening around the ship.  Therefore if you wish to leave the class to go and play bingo, attend a sushi making class or race down to the promenade at 10am for the daily shopping special we understand.

FAQ: How do I catch up.
The workshop room is open 24/7 for our private use.  Therefore you can use the detailed instructions you each will be given to catch up before the next class.  We suggest you tell your instructor in advance if you are not going to attend a class or leave early giving them the chance to show you any techniques that may be learnt during the class or make an alternative time to show you.

Fun Fact 4.  All Experience Levels are Welcome

We have had numerous ladies who have never before scrapbooked so this is the perfect chance to take advantage of some awesome educators and your new friends around you to help you out.

FAQ: I’m an advanced papercrafter – will the classes suit me.
Like all classes – you can add your unique style to your layouts.  So it you want to distress all edges,  add a background texture through a stencil etc or just ink everything, you are more than welcome as long as you understand the class will not stop to wait for you to catch up if you are adding all these other additions.  However if you are a fast and advanced papercrafter then you probably will catch up quite quickly anyways.  At the end of the day you want to take home an album of layouts that you are happy with.   The only thing we ask is that if you are going AWOL and doing your own thing you let the people around you know that as if they are falling behind they sometimes just look at the person next to them and copy.

Fun Fact 5. No Need to Pack up after Class

As the room is ours 24/7 you can leave your supplies on your table for the entire cruise. This way you can leave, go have lunch and come back to work on what you were previously if you don’t finish something in class.

FAQ: Do we have to pack up our stuff up after each class?
Absolutely not… but its probably easier to clean up  your space a little before each new class commences as you will be getting more products for each class.

We have a private conference room, which means you are allowed to leave your totes and tools etc there.  I can’t guarantee nothing will be taken as its NOT locked but we have had no issues in the past.  We have a sign saying it is a PRIVATE FUNCTION which keeps majority away.  There are always a few people who do get very intrigued at what we get up to and what to have a little look….  Majority have enjoyed showing others their projects.  You guys are great advertising for the following years cruise when they see what we are up to and we have had ladies join us the following year from coming in and seeing what we are doing.

FAQ: How much Product Can I take?
That is entirely up to you but you are going to be limited more by your flight baggage than your cabin allowance.  The cabins aren’t huge unless you are fortunate to have a suite.  Suitcases can be stored under your bed and then totes etc can be kept in the conference room.  Please check with your airline for their baggage limits.  I definitely advise you have space for an album and possibly an additional 5 – 7kg on return.

Class Requirements are updated on the website for each relevant cruise and teachers will let you know closer to the cruise if any particular products you need to bring with you.  Most classes have everything supplied and you just need to really worry about your own personal took kit.

Fun Fact 6 – Dream Holiday 

Its been on your bucket list for a long time – why not tick that box and book in.  As well as crafting as much as you like you don’t have to do any of the normal housework as the rest is done for you – including all your meals…

FAQ: Exactly what is included?


  • Gratuities, Port Fees and taxes
  • Accommodation with private ensuite
    • Complimentary toiletries
    • In cabin safe
    • TV for in-cabin entertainment
  • All meals (alcohol additional – drink packages available onboard)
    • Full breakfast
    • Buffet or a la carte lunch menu
    • Buffet or 4 course a la carte dinners
  • All onboard entertainment and shows
    • Musical stage shows
    • Special guest entertainers
    • Choice of Bars and Lounges
    • Latest release movies (in cabin and on big screen)
  • Inspiring Scrapbook Classes (number of classes dependant on sea days)
    • Use of PRIVATE room – Convention Centre 24/7
    • Welcome Gift
    • Prizes and giveaway
    • Classes on the mornings of cruising days (some cruises may offer additional classes in afternoons)
  • Spectacular ports of call

*Optional Shore Excursions are available  but not included in the price.

With all the above included the only thing left is for you to make a booking deposit and get your registration in before we book out.

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For answers to other Frequently asked questions such as Deposits, Refunds Cancellations etc.  please download the current FAQ’s here.

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    Thanks Melissa. I did some of your classes in Melbourne and loved them so looking forward to seeing you again.

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